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Where has time gone?!


I just noticed that the last time I made an update was in December….um, actually 3 months ago today. There is so much to say about our little Ruth and the family we are becoming. I have been exhausted, extremely busy and just have wanted to add a post on a good day. But here is an honest post.

ADOPTION IS SO HARD!!! To be quite honest, I think it is I, the one who has wanted to adopt for ages who has had the hardest time adjusting. Maybe I thought it would feel more natural, but the bonding is just slower than I expected. I know what books say, but I guess I thought the bonding part happend to other people. The truth is, we’ve been blessed with the most amazing daughter who has accomplished so much in the last 4 months. She’s a fighter! I think the stubborness has gotten her this far!

1. She came to us primarily a formula only eater through a bottle and is now eating only solids and drinking only through a cup or straw. AND SHE GRADUATED FROM THE FEEDING TEAM! And did I mention she’s gained 4 lbs in 4 months?! She’s getting those awesome chubby cheeks.

2. She has bonded with lots of people now and freely waves and blows kisses to everyone. She doesn’t turn her head around from new people anymore.  (Or close her eyes tight).  She is my little shadow.

3. She’s getting potty trained….slowly, but by her own will. She jumps up after going and waves her arms up in the air and squeals!

4. She can point to her nose, fingers, hair, and sometimes to other body parts

5. She knows all the motions to “patty cake”.

6. She has a sweet tooth – we learned she can move chairs and climb up on chairs to get to her favorite – Peanut Butter Patty Girlscout cookies.

7. She goes nuts over cheetoes! (Ok, are we seeing a pattern in my favorite junk food? lol)

8. She can now scribble – before she couldn’t even put any pressure on a crayon to draw.

9. Her receptive language has exploded. She understands a lot of what we ask. (Like “Lie down”, “go to sleep”) or takes us to what she wants.

10. She runs for her shoes anytime she thinks we may be going out or sees me ready to leave.

11. She has an interest in babies – patting her newborn cousin Katelyn or mothering over the babies in the nursery at church.  She kisses her baby doll at every opportunity.

12. We need to work on the sign language more, because she has limited speech (of course she can say “DADA” and not mama, “Ca” for Cat, “Do” for dog, “Ga” for grandma or grandpa). She is consistent with “more”, “all done”, and “please”.

13. She loves our kitten Izzy and Izzy loves her. Her bed is Izzy’s favorite spot to sleep. Not good at night time though as she keeps pouncing on Ruth when she moves.

14. She loves baths!!! She’s a little fish!

15. She immitates grandpa – picking up the remotes and pointing them at the TV. 🙂

16. She hates to be told “No” to and she’ll lie on the floor and quietly wimper if she gets in trouble. It drives me crazy I admit!!! Not sure if the all out screaming fits are worse….

I went to a Mom’s conference – Hearts at Home – over the weekend and heard a great way to describe delayed children’s “milestones” as “Inchstones” and they should be celebrated. The hard thing is going from a super precocious child to a super delayed child. I need to document these “inchstones” in the midst of our frustrations when she really is making great strides considering where she was 4 months ago. People who met her 4 months ago and are just meeting her again describe a completely different, happy, independent girl!

Most of all – Ruth is trully a very happy little girl and she smiles and laughs a lot.

She’s overcome all kinds of specialists now. She had surgery twice in February – tubes put in her ears and repairs of a rectal fissure. (ouch). She has follow up with the Audiologist on Wednesday to test her hearing and afterwards sees the doctor. Then in the afternoon a follow-up with the GI doctor. Then I think we’re home free. Just an every 6 month check up with the cardiologist and dermatologist to monitor her skin.

We have had the awesome opportunity to stay in touch with her special Chinese mama – the assistant director at her orphanage – and stay in touch with other children from her orphanage. One family close by adopted a 13 year old girl from her orphanage a month after us. I hope this will provide her with special closure and connection with her past as she gets older.

Ok, the little monkey keeps climbing onto the table beside me so I better go to prevent a disaster!!