Medical Exam



Saturday was the day for Ruth’s medical exam. As with the other official things we have had to attend, it seems that many other adoptive families were there doing the same thing at the same time. This was especially busy and was arranged as a kind of production line where you go from one station to the next for the various parts of what makes up the entire exam. I think that you only visit stations applicable to your child’s age and medical condition or special need. First was a photo which got attached to the paperwork that you took with you from area to area and after that was the general exam for an overall assessment.


Next was the ENT doctor to test her 5 senses and then came a weighing followed by the cardiac examination so that the doctor could listen and deny that there was a murmur.


Lastly was the TB test that Ruth took very well.

Today we have to go back and have it checked but we can already tell that it didn’t react.

As long as the day ends with smiles, all is well.

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