Shopping in China!


I got the opportunity to go out shopping with Ann from Red Thread and had a great time and got amazing bargains – probably over $1,000 worth for $150. My goal is to get a small gift to give Ruth on every GotchaDay anniversary until she’s 18 and a set of pearls when she marries one day.


Ann took me to a nice Chinese restaurant. Doesn’t this look yummy?



On a sad note, Ruth had 2 seizures last night. She has been seizure free today (Sat). The USA is very picky about medical needs of adoptive children that haven’t been revealed in their referrals, so the potential is great to have a huge delay in the event she were to seize at her medical appt. It went well and we’ll post pics later.

Ruth and I had a long nap this afternoon. She loves mama snuggles.

One good advance – she swallows everything in her yoghurt now. Chunks and all instead of spitting it out at me.

Here are some likes:
1. Chewing on rice crackers
2. Strawberry Yoghurt
3. Rides in the stroller
4. Congee
5. Being thrown up in the air
6. Bubbles
7. Balloons
8. Mama hugs and snuggles
9. Putting things in and out of sacks, helping me clean up
10. Baths!!!!
11. Cell phones

1. Being held by Daddy (unless he’s throwing her up in the air)
2. Anything being taken away
3. Plain water
4. Solid foods

Ok, good to see the likes list is longer!

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