Letter From Ruth’s Orphanage Mama



Below is a letter given to us written by Ruth’s Chinese mama (nanny) to give to Ruthie as she gets older:


Dear Yufen (daughter),hello!
When you are able to read this letter, I believe you are a pretty big girl. That will be the most pleasant thing for me. Hope you will still remember me then. You spent your days here with me and the other nannies in the first two years of your life. You made us very happy. Your first smile, first step, first time eating congee, first time eating cake, We experienced all these first times in your life which made us understand how great life is.
Daughter, you were a naughty little one when you came. You were very weak. Each time there was some group illness in the CWI, you were one of them. I always hoped a nice family could come to adopt you, because I can always see miracles in you. Daughter, it was Aug.11,2012 when you could walk independently. I was very excited that day and took pictures. I’ve saved the pictures in the flash memory for your parents.
Daughter, your daddy and mommy are so great people and they adopted you. They will be with you forever.They will make more miracles happen to you. Remember to thank them when you grow up. Without their dedication, you will not have such shining tomorrow. I believe you will become a good girl.
Daughter, there are many children from our CWI in the US. I hope you can keep in touch. They all love you very much. Hua Xiaodong is your older sister. I heard you will live in the same town. She will go to the US soon. I’ve told her to take care of you. Hope you can become good friends. When you grow up, come back to China with your big sister to visit your Chinese “mama”.
Chen Min, your Chinese mama, 11/13/2012


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  1. The letter is a treasure for your daughter to keep forever! It is a huge part of her life story!! How wonderful that she was always loved!! My daughter is from Jianxgi, China. We were beginning the process of adopting an 11 year old names Hua Xiao Dong a little over a year ago, when I needed surgery. We had to let go of our plans. I was heartbroken. I have been searching for her for months, but all anyone could tell me was that she was off the shared adoption list. I found out last week that she has come home to the US. I am thrilled for her!!! I would love to know if it is the same Xiao Dong that’s in your daughter’s letter. I have video’s and pics of her taken at her orphanage, and I believe they may have been exclusive to our agency. She was adopted through a different agency. I would love for her family to have them, as they’re part of her story. If you know her and her family, her birthday is Sept. 12, 2000 and she was from Guanzghou. My email is amy.bender@optonline.net. If you think it’s possible it’s the same Xiao Dong, and you can pass this info on, I would greatly appreciate it!!! Either way, all the best to you and your family!!! Enjoy every single moment of your precious daughter!!!

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