After a challenging day yesterday, we were rewarded with a smooth morning. Up until this morning, on awakening, Ruth would greet us with screaming. This morning, however, there was quiet and smiles. We took the opportunity to make a quick bottle of rice cereal and formula which she scarfed down in record time. She then had a quick bath to wash off the scabies treatment and got her skin moisturized before dressing. We then went for breakfast which was promising considering that yesterday she barely even ate from the bottle. She even actually fed herself a bite or two of scrambled egg but, probably due to the unusual texture, ended up back on the bib. We have been trying various soft options with varying degrees of success; it will be a slow process.


After breakfast we took a stroll in the garden where there is a waterfall and ponds with fish.

After that we went back to our room where Ruth quickly fell asleep.

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  1. So glad it was a better day. She is so precious. Bless her–she’s exhausted. Hope it continues to get better and better. Hang in there Mom and Dad. I imagine ya’ll are exhausted too! Best wishes!

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