Meeting Ruth

Meeting Ruth

After some frustration trying to log in to WordPress, we have finally managed to figure out a way of getting in to post although it is slow and takes some abracadabra.

After a hearty breakfast yesterday morning we went and got a few supplies. We mainly just went for water because tap water is undrinkable and, although the hotel supply bottles, they won’t do so in bulk, and won’t give the bottles directly to you, rather they will contact the service center and have them sent up to you. My first request failed so we had no water one night and my confidence in this system was soon destroyed. I will recommend to the hotel that they put drinking water dispensers at various locations, maybe near elevators.

We managed to resist some temptations on the way…

Shortly thereafter, we went to the Civil Affairs Office to get Ruth and this was our first meeting…

It was immediately obvious how good natured she is. Of course she was obviously overwhelmed with everything and just followed her favorite nanny, refusing initial attempts that Carrie made to make contact. Ruth was very quiet and accepting of contact but reaching out for her nanny at every opportunity.

…she was even less impressed with her new daddy…I have no idea why.

Here we all are with the orphanage workers.

Finally it was time to go back to the hotel to play and chill out. I don’t think child car seats exist in China, by the way.

We were yet to get a smile out of Ruth but after a change into some lighter clothing and cunning application of stinky breath to soapy liquid, there were both smiles and wonder…








Blowing up a balloon caused similar excitement.

By now we were getting hungry although Ruth didn’t seem interested in eating or drinking much at all. The girls stayed in the hotel while I went out foraging for some dinner and couldn’t resist the pull of the fare from a fine dining establishment down the street. The menu items sounded so appealing…

















After a hard time trying to eat and trying to get Ruth to eat or drink, it was time for a bath before bed. I am surprised how sweet and laid back Ruth is. She will adjust really well and be a wonderful daughter.

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