China – Saturday 10th


Here are the highlights of the day:

1. “Wet Market” aka fish and poultry market
2. Wal-Mart
3. Foot massage aka entire body beating
4. Then jet lag set in…..blahhhhh
Kyle took us to the local fish and poultry market where you could get about anything imaginable and some still alive from the sea – eals, squid, crabs, any kind of fish. (I didn’t appreciate the lady who through a fish back into some water and splashed my entire legs). There were so many kinds of eggs for purchase from what looked like from small birds, to chicken eggs, one egg covered in what looked like dirt. Kyle said that some of the eggs they cook in coal (??? or something like that) and that’s why they were covered in the black stuff. You could pick you chicken or duck out LIVE and they slaughtered and skinned then right on the spot. So glad I didn’t witness that. Still didn’t see dog. Thank goodness. There was every kind of rice and grain imaginable. We also passed a place that sold rice wine and some had snakes in it. Freaky.
After lunch at the old Charles DeGaul ship, we headed out for Wal-Mart where I found some cool things, including a typical baby’s outfit – crotchless pants. (split pants is the official name)
It was only in the past couple of years that there were any kind of disposable diapers here. A lot of the traditional Chinese grandparents watch the grandchildren and the kids are potty trained by the time they’re 1 and 2 at the latest. Amy and Kyle said they make a little whistle noise in the child’s ear and they know to do their business on the spot. I don’t know how they do it with newborns, but I saw the newborn crotchless pants too. One of the funniest things I saw at Wal-Mart was that there were 2 rows of massage chairs and they were all occupied like it’s a social thing to do. And along the children’s book isle, children were sitting shoulder to shoulder each reading. Downstairs there was any imaginable Chinese food you could ever want. Along all the other isles, especially by the beauty products, an employee would be holding a product out trying to get you to buy something. Labor must be cheap here! Speaking of cheap labor, it’s only supposed to be $200 per month to hire a nanny/cook who’ll come in the mornings to cook for the family, clean, take care of the children and do all the shopping!!! But, I can’t say that would tempt me one bit to move here. The kids do learn Chinese quickly though.
So, as I wrote yesterday, we really wanted to try out the foot massage. It’s $9 and you can’t beat that price in the states. Sooooo, yesterday afternoon we went in and got a private room with recliners, a flatscreen TV on the wall. Our tea glasses were never empty. We were all given wooden buckets with I swear boiling water in them. I just about screamed. It took about 4-5 bowls of cold water to cool it down. So, that was the start of the 80 minute torture session and let me say I think every muscle in my body hurts today. It was not just a foot massage, it was primarily a squeezing of every muscle in your body and places you never knew existed. George was quite verbal and had his massage girl laughing most of the time. In hind site, I wonder if Amy and Kyle took us there for cheap entertainment. Actually no, I completely understand why Kyle won’t go there now. The weird part was the flicking on the head, on the legs, popping of the fingers and toes. At the very end they put hot towels wrapped around our legs and then our feet and lower legs were massaged with some kind of oil. Of course none of them wore gloves, so bless the one who did George’s feet. hahaha (just wait til he reads that).
 I had the “Gorgeous foot massage”.
Amy, Kyle, George and I. (Did she find the wart???)
After our massage my body started shutting down and Kyle had to bring me back to the apartment I felt so sick. Then I woke up ever 2-3 hours and had to take dramamine to get back to sleep. I am so ready to sleep through the night…..but then again, we’re getting Ruth tomorrow so fat chance of that.
It was probably in the mid 80’s yesterday and so humid that I could smell myself stink by the end of the day. The massage girl kept wiping George’s sweat off his face. So, I am excited about our hotel in Guangzhou having a pool as I think we’ll be in it a lot.
We’ll be leaving early afternoon by train for Guangzhou – an hour away.
I am bummed that we’re having trouble with the VPN service or else I could put some pictures up. I talked my parents through it all on the phone this morning so hopefully they can help out. I’d love everyone to see Gotcha Day pictures tomorrow.
Thanks to Amy and Kyle for a fun visit!

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  1. I will be anxiously watching for your blog posts. I am so excited to see our Maya Grace’s orphanage “sister” meeting her new family! Praying for all of you as you have your forever family day!

  2. Carrie I’m so excited for you guys! I had a massage in China too, and pretty much the same experience, I was so sore afterwards!! It was cool that it was more than just a foot rub, but man they were strong and I didn’t know the word for “lighter, please!” 🙂 Prayers for you as you get Ruth tomorrow!

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