China bound in 4 days!


There are so many emotions flowing over the past few weeks, knowing our journey to Ruth Yu Fen is almost to an end. We are so thankful for the friends and family that have been there cheering us on, as its been a long, rough road.

So right now the feelings are…..


Complete joy





We know Ruth will be doing some really heavy grieving – leaving all she’s known, and the nannies who she loved and the nannies loved her dearly. But, knowing she’s from a wonderful orphanage (Huadu SWI), gives us hope that she can also bond with us as she has bonded with the nannies there. We hear the children are very loved there from 2 different people who recently visited her orphanage, and one who got to spend time with Ruth and send us pictures. Also, we know that she is severely delayed and we have to prepare ourselves for that reality, but we have faith knowing that God has chosen her to be our daughter and we will give her every opportunity to thrive and we have faith that she will.

I’m sure none of you who know me well will laugh to know I’m taking my stethoscope and otoscope on the trip. Our suitcase is filled with anything for any illness.

We’re excited about my college friend Kyle, from my year in Schwaebisch Gmuend, meeting us as we get over the border into mainland China and spending the weekend with him and his fiance Amy. Kyle teaches at an international school. This will also hopefully distract us a little bit, awaiting the big Gotcha Day.

We’ll be staying at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou starting November 11th, which we hear is absolutely unbelievable. Probably the nicest hotel we’ll ever stay at. We look forward to all the new memories we’ll be making with Ruth there.

“Gotcha Day” is Monday, November 12th @ 2:30 pm. (That’s 12:30 AM central time). I don’t know why it needs to be late. We’re going to be so frazzled by then.

Our suitcases are 98% packed. We used these special bags that kind of vacuum seals, so we could fit more clothes in. The problem is that only about 50% of them worked and I just about gave up on the idea of them at all. When they work though, I wish I knew about them 16+ years ago when I was an exchange student. I was such a pack rat then.

Ruth is much smaller than the last update we were given. We’re told she’s 8.5 kg, which is just under 20 lbs. We’re obviously very concerned, since she’s 2 1/2 years old. But also, we know what she’s eating.

I got the cutest picture of Ruth last week, which is what you all want to see anyway!!!


A request we ask is that you pray for us daily – for safety, health, bonding, and lots of fun!

Thanks and stay tuned!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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