Monthly Archives: October 2012

Consular appointment


We just found out that our consular appointment is on November 21st so that means we’ll be spending Thanksgiving in China. We hopefully will be home that Friday. If all goes as planned, we’ll be leaving November 8th! 2 weeks away! It’s all surreal, but am glad we’ll have our baby soon!


Socks and packing


I don’t seem to be much of a blogger and anyone who has met Lucy would understand why. But anyway, we are hoping for some big news any day……AKA travel approval!! I know a few people who have been waiting 3 weeks, but I hope we’ll be back at the shorter end, like China had been at before their week long holiday. So, in preparation we cleared out Walmart (or that’s what our bank account felt like)……lice shampoo – check, pull ups – check, wipes – check……. Oh, and we realized we have all these clothes for Ruth, but nothing to put on her poor lil feet! So we got some socks and Lucy and I spent time painting the bottoms with puffy paint – one of the few projects I’ve done from pinterest. By painting the bottoms, it’s supposed to make them anti-skid. We’ll have no carpet in our new house so we don’t want any falls!
Here we are below:


And here is the finished project:







We are awaiting travel approval right now and hope to not only be on our way to China in a month, but to raise approx $5,000.

So, I’ve been making necklaces like crazy and can custom make designs. Feel free to contact me for an order:

Here are some pictures for those asking.