We got an update!!!!



Here she is with the photo book we sent her, she’s wearing the little backpack and has her tiny purse rattle.

Moments like these we anxiously wait for……updates and pictures on our baby Yu Fen! I want to hop on a plane and bring her home….and you will too after you see these pictures! The update from the orphanage is this:

Wang Yufen’s height is 75cm, head is 50cm, chest is 48cm, weight is 10.3kg, she has 13teeth. Her foot is 11cm. She is in good health and extrovert. She is active and smiles a lot. (I think we’re getting a Chinese carbon copy of Lucy…..boy, are we in for it!!)



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  1. We’re waiting for China’s Letter of Acceptance, which we’re told can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months. Average time seems to be about 60 days, but many wait a lot longer. Then, about 2 months to travel after that. So, I hope to be in China by October. 🙂 No later than Thanksgiving.

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