I800A approval and adoption garage sale


In the adoption world, we just made 1 big step towards bringing Yu Fen home. May 3rd we heard from our Hague officer at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (aka homeland security) that our I800A application was approved, so now we have both the approval of Illinois and the USA for us to go forward to adopt from China!! I’m waiting to get the official form in the mail, so we can get our dossier ready. Everything has to be certified by the Secretary of State (which is thankfully in Springfield) and then we’re going to use a courier to get the paperwork authenticated by the Chinese consular in Chicago. Then off to China goes everything!!! We’ve been told it can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months to get the LOA = letter of acceptance – the OFFICIAL acceptance letter from China that we are adopting Yu Fen. From this point, it will probably be a few months until we’re China bound!!! Praying this happens quickly! I don’t want Yu Fen without her family any longer!

We had a successful garage sale over the weekend. We brought in about $400! $400 more than we had before and one more small step towards our expenses. Thanks to everyone who helped and came by! We can’t do this without you!



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