So now we are waiting, praying, and starting fundraising. It makes us both a little nervous fundraising I admit, but we feel like God has been nudging us, pointing us in this direction and feel like this is meant to happen. Through God all things are possible when you feel like things are impossible. We are hoping to offset the $25,000 through fundraising – yes you heard me right. $25,000.

We have some wonderful friends (****hugs to you all****) who want to help us with ideas and projects. We’ll be selling t-shirts, body products, cookies, etc etc and have found some great adoption fundraiser websites. Here are the 2 places we have just started:

Fundly – where people can donate online

Just Love Coffee – where we can receive some of the proceeds towards products. They have a love for orphans and adoptions & I’d like to do fundraising with these types of organizations.

We’re getting some custom lip balms through – we’re naming them “Orphan Kisses”.

We’re hoping to have a big event in a few months.

We hope everyone is blessed by helping us, because we definitely feel overwhelmed with the blessings we have felt from everyone’s support.

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